The Old Woman's Testimony

Yes, sir. That was the body of the man who married my daughter. He is not from Kyoto--he was a samurai in the town of Kokufu in the province of Wakasa. His name was Kanazawa no Takehiko, and he was twenty-six. He had a gentle disposition, so I am sure he didn't provoke anyone.

My daughter's name is Masago. She is nineteen. She is spirited and fun-loving, but I am sure she has never known any man besides Takehiko. She has a small, oval, dark-complected face with a mole at the corner of her left eye.

Yesterday Takehiko left for Wakasa with my daughter. How horribly everything has turned out! What has become of my daughter? I am resigned to giving up my son-in-law as lost, but the fate of my daughter worries me sick. For heaven's sake leave no stone unturned to find her. I hate that robber Tajomaru, or whatever his name is. Not only my son-in-law, but my daughter ...