In a Grove is a Japanese short story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Written in 1922, it explores the slipperiness of truth and the dark side of human nature. In a Grove went on to form the basis for Akira Kurosawas celebrated film Rashomon, which remains shorthand today for a situation in which multiple witnesses profess to different versions of the same event, making it impossible to know what really happened.

I'm Jinjin Sun, and this particular layout and adaptation of In A Grove was created as a personal project, meant to serve both as web design practice and a soft introduction to digital storytelling for myself. I was inspired by this short story because it flirts with non-linearity--the testimonies can be thought of as parallel storylines--and the web with its hyperlinks offers unprecedented opportunity to tell non-linear stories. I hope to make this the first of many future projects exploring this theme.

If you'd like to learn more about me visit my website at www.jinjinsun.com, or drop me a line at jinjin@jinjinsun dot com. Thanks for reading!

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